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CNC Machinery List

5 Axis Numerical Control Machining Center
Cincinnati V20, 36” x 90”, Milacron 5 Axis CNC Vertical Mill, 36 Tool Changer

Numerical Control Machines for Profiling, Milling, Boring and Drilling
-Kao Ming 44” x 245”, FANUC O-M control, 36-tool changer, new 2002
- Kao Ming 44” x 210”, FANUC 15MA control, 36-tool changer, new 1999
- Kao Ming 44” x 160”, FANUC 15MA control, 36-tool changer, new 1998
- Kao Ming 44” x 120”, FANUC 15MA control, 24-tool changer
- Kao Ming 40” x 120”, FANUC 11MA control, 24-tool changer
- Kao Ming 38” x 78”, FANUC 11MA control, 24-tool changer
- Gantry CNC 48” x 144”, General Numeric control
- (2) Shizouka CNC 14” x 32” FANUC 6MB control
- Shizouka CNC 18” x 32”, 3D, Bandit servo control
- FADAL CNC 22” x 48”, 20-tool changer

Long Bed CNC Machining Center

Installed December 2002, new Kao-Ming CNC Machining Center, 55” wide by 245” long table, 36 tool-changer, Fanuc OM controls.This new machining center complements our other 5 Kao-Ming CNCs, all of which have interchangeable programming, tooling and fixturing, giving us tremendous latitude and flexibility in machine loading and scheduling.


Moving in a new CNC Machining Center

This was our first machine to be moved to our new location in Monrovia. It’s one of our largest CNC Machining Centers with a 210” x 44” machining surface. This fully assembled machine was moved directly from the manufacturer in Taiwan to our factory floor.

Cincinnati V20 5 Axis Machining Center

Cincinnati V20 CNC Machining Center was installed at Mulgrew Aircraft in March 2000. This 36-tool machine has been re-furbished and up-graded with current software and controls and adds additional capabilities to our CNC department.

CNC Machining Department -Bay #1

Two of our newest and largest (capable of parts up to 500”long) Kao-MIng CNC Machining Centers are set up in a temperature controlled environment. These machines and this shop area were certified for Boeing’s ATA standards.


CNC Machining Department -Bay #2

This view is of three of our other mid-size (up to 120” in length) Kao Ming CNC Machining Centers. All of our CNC Machining Centers are equipped with identical machining tables and universal tooling. This commonality gives us the flexibility to engineer one program and set-up for a particular part and use any one of our CNC’s for the production.

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