About Us

Mulgrew Aircraft Components began business in 1979 in El Monte, California with the purchase of JEM Engineering, a small profiling machine shop. Under our ownership, we have expanded considerably and now occupy our own 44,000 sq. ft facility on 2 ½ acres in Monrovia, California. Through our hard work and dedication to customer service and quality we have earned an outstanding reputation in the aircraft industry, receiving many awards in recognition of our reliability and service.

Mulgrew Aircraft Components specializes in the machining and forming of long, narrow aluminum extrusions such as seat tracks, chords, stringers, spars, longerons, beams and braces up to 40 ft. in length. In addition we perform a wide range of conventional and CNC machining on parts such as flap and slat track, fittings, brackets, stiffeners and doublers.

Our equipment list is extensive and includes both conventional and 3-,4-, and 5-axis CNC milling machines and CMM inspection equipment. We do our own in-house programming utilizing the latest versions of programming software such as Mastercam and Catia. We have invested in the latest computer network Jobboss MRP system and can support and utilize our customers electronic data exchange systems. To support and enhance our shop’s machining capabilities, we have in-house stretch forming, hydraulic forming and straightening. Additionally, we have the facilities, equipment and experience to produce small machined, mechanical and/or sheet metal assemblies. All of which provides our customers with a “one-stop shop” source for complex machined parts and details, assemblies and kits.

Customer List

  • Boeing Commercial
  • Boeing Military
  • Derco Aerospace
  • Ducommun Aersostructures
  • FACC AG - Structures
  • Korean Air
  • Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • Meggitt’s Equipment Group-
  • Piper Aircraft, Inc.
  • Spirit Aerosystems, Inc.
  • Triumph Aersostructures - Vought Aircraft Div.
  • United Launch Alliance
  • XI'an Aircraft International Corporation