Forming Department

The forming department has 6 presses, the largest a 100 ton brake press. We do forming, joggling (hot & cold), checking & straightening, to support our machining operations.

Additional forming views including our 20 foot long freezer. By using the freezer the natural aging cycle of aluminum is decreased so it can be in its most pliable condition for shaping into a specified configuration.

Holding aluminum at sub-zero temperatures is one of the many processes involved in the production of heat-treated extruded hardware.

To prepare aluminum for forming, Mulgrew Aircraft subcontracts the heat treating process to approved sources. Immediately after the extrusions are heat-treated, they are packed in dry ice and returned to Mulgrew Aircraft where they are kept in the freezer until they are needed on the forming press.

Forming Department Equipment List:

  • Pacific 12 foot, 200-ton capacity hydraulic power brake press
  • 75-ton C-Frame hydraulic check and straightening press
  • 125-ton C-Frame hydraulic press
  • 75-ton hydraulic press, 2 heads  
  • 50-ton hydraulic press, 2 heads   
  • 35-ton hydraulic press, 2 heads  
  • 10-ton coining press
  • 72” x 3/8" 3-Roll plate Roll
  • Freezer unit 240” long, 36” wide and 36”deep
  • Hydraulic twister press
  • Precision 2”-3” thick steel tables for check and straightening/forming
  • Temperature Controlled plates/dies for hot forming and hot Joggle